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Artemiy Reimich is a talented Russian musician, producer and DJ. He is known as Tim Enso in the world of music.

Artemiy was born on November 12, 1995 in Moscow. At that time, his mother worked as a teacher of mathematics at the Air Force Engineering Academy n.a. N.Ye. Zhukovskiy, and his father was engaged in jurisprudence.

Tim became interested in music from the very childhood: as a two-year-old child, he ran to the stage during the concert, and at age 5 he enthusiastically went to the art school. There he mastered violin, piano and accordion; performed with the local orchestra "Harmonica" in different countries. By the end of his studies at the musical school, Artemiy took interest in another instrument — saxophone, which fascinated him from the first sounds.

Tim Enso plays the accordion

Love for saxophone led him to the Moscow State College of Jazz and Contemporary Music. While studying in the college, Tim took part in organizing concerts and jazz festivals.

Soon he entered the Gnessin State Musical College, where he developed entrepreneurial skills by mastering the profession of a musical producer. In parallel, Reimich began to study the art of musical production and DJing.

We talked to Artemiy and found out what does his creative pseudonym mean. Tim told about successful cooperation with famous performers and musicians, shared his impressions about the life-changing meeting with David Guetta. Read about it (and not only) in our interview.

Tim Enso with David Guetta

Artemiy, you were born in a family of hereditary teachers. The field of activity of your parents is far from music. Nevertheless, already being a five-year-old child you asked to be enrolled to musical school. Where did you get such a craving for creativity? Did you focus on someone choosing a profession at such a young age, were there any examples to follow?

Despite the fact that my whole family was somehow engaged in the exact sciences, I never showed any special interest therein. Solving mathematical problems in school, I wanted to quickly escape from there, to start studying a musical instrument.

I listened to absolutely different music and I had many examples to follow, but at the same time I was never guided by anyone and tried to keep my path.

Musical taste, as a rule, is developed in adolescence. What artists, musicians were among the favorites 5-7 years ago?

My taste was formed by such musicians as Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker. These people remain my favorites to this day. I'm also a big fan of The Beatles and Brian Adams.

What tracks are currently playing in your playlist?

It all depends on mood. I have several different playlists: for jogging, meditation, an everyday playlist, an evening playlist, and so on.

I like the art of Major Lazer, Kendrick Lamar and Justin Timberlake.

How did the Tim Enso nickname appear? Does it have any meaning?

The nick Tim Enso appeared absolutely spontaneously. When I was a teenager, I began to take an interest in oriental culture: I traveled through Nepal, got knowledge from lamas in Tibet monasteries, studied Ayurveda and meditated in the Himalayan mountains. Enso, in Japanese, means "the image of a circle". Most often it is associated with dzenbuddism. It is believed that enso symbolizes enlightenment, strength, refinement and "the present moment of time". Well, Tim is a shortened version of my name Artem.

You released your first track Everyday Life being 17 years old at one of the world's major record labels – Ministry of Sound (UK). What inspired a new round of development then?

Once I attended a concert of the world-famous electronic stage star David Guetta, where I managed to personally meet with him and talk. This meeting greatly influenced me and inspired me to a new stage of development in my art.

Perhaps, every person who creates something wants to get feedback. Did your music resonate in the hearts of the public? Did you get support from your colleagues respected for you?

Fortunately, yes. My tracks were supported in radio shows from such DJs as Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Swanky Tunes, Nicky Romero, and Hardwell.

While your age mates are looking for themselves and are just beginning to build a career, you have already worked with famous musicians. Tell us about your cooperation with the musical producer Andrey Cherniy. How did you join his team?

We met with Andrey absolutely by accident we performed together at one event. After the performance, I showed him my tracks. He appreciated my work, and invited me to join his team at Roof Records Media studio.

Tim Enso with Yulianna Karaulova and Andrey Cherniy

Arrangements of which tracks by popular performers have you made?

We met with Yulianna Karaulova long before we started working at the studio. We studied together at the Gnessin State Musical College at the same faculty. I took part in the creation of the album "Feeling Yu". The track from this album "You're Not Like That" scored more than 20 million views on YouTube and entered the Top 100 of the best tracks of Russia. For it, Yulianna received the prestigious "Golden Gramophone" Award. For Dima Bilan, I arranged the track "People Fly", the official remix of the Yolka's song "Draw Me the Sky." I was also the musical producer of the Loc Dog's album "Wings". His track "Laugh" scored more than a million views in social media Vkontakte.

You play 4 musical instruments: violin, accordion, piano and saxophone. Which one is the most favorite?

I love every instrument particularly, but saxophone is my favorite.

If continuing the subject of the musical instruments, we can mention Bad Players among the numerous and diverse projects with your participation. According to Google, this is an electronic group of multi-instrumentalists who perform in ninja suits. Tell us about the activities of this group where do you perform, what is its peculiarity, what are the successes and prospects? How do you personally fulfill yourself as part of this project?

Initially, it was our joint project with Andrey Cherniy and showman Pavel Volya, where they both acted as project producers. And I was a composer, DJ and saxophonist. As part of the Bad Players project, we released the album "Ready to Fight", which became No. 1 in iTunes Russia, performed at the Alfa Future People and Music Non Stop festival in Gelendzhik. Unfortunately, I had to leave the project because of disagreements within the team. As far as I know, the project did non continue its further development.

Bad Players  
Bad Players
Tim Enso with Pavel Volya
Tim Enso with Pavel Volya

Your creative work is more associated with electronic music. Why did you choose this direction? Why is it close to you?

As I mentioned earlier, a meeting with maestro David Guetta played a great role.

Your creative achievements also include an experience of working as a DJ with the famous Russian rapper GeeGun. I wonder how you met, and who proposed joint activities?

Working with a star of such scale as Dzhigan gave me a very great experience. I was introduced by my friend and his back-vocalist, whom we studied together with at the College. At that time they needed a DJ. For a long time they could not find a brainy and responsible person. Our first joint performance took place in the well-known Moscow club ICON, after which they immediately offered me to become part of the team.

Tim Enso with GeeGun

What projects are you working on today? Is there a priority one among them?

At the moment I'm working with a talented musician named Rhannes. During our work, we managed to release an EP (extended play record) at the world-famous Armada Music label. The track from this album "Need U" became #9 in the Beatport Top Ten Tracks chart. In addition, we signed several major contracts with other record labels, presented a project in Amsterdam at the ADE festival (Amsterdam Dance Event), and made several joint collaborations with world DJs. There are still many interesting things to come, but I can not tell about them so far.

Who of the famous Russian and world musicians would you like to meet and work with?

Among Russian musicians, I like music of group Pizza. We are already familiar with the guys, and even played several times together on the same stage. I would like to get acquainted and work with Sergey Shnurov from “Leningrad”.

Among the young musicians Feduk. I like his style. He is now creating a new trend in the domestic show business.

Of foreign musicians, I can name Hans Zimmer. I consider him a genius composer of our time. He wrote music for so many films, such as "The Lion King", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Madagascar" and others. I can also distinguish Bruno Mars.

What are your plans for the coming years in the music field?

Now I'm engaged in producing my new projects, and I also continue working with Rhannes, and, of course, I do not forget about my work. You will know soon.

Artemiy, you have such an interesting and rich creative life. Do you have enough time and energy for your personal life?

I try to keep everything in harmony, but at the moment creativity and career are a priority, rather than a personal life.

My day begins with morning exercise and meditation
I call my mom every day
In my childhood I dreamed of becoming a businessman
I appreciate sincerity and kindness in people
I try not to communicate with people who think only of their own profit
I love watching comedies
For me, the perfect holiday is a trip to the mountains and nature
The place where I feel most cozy and comfortable I believe that "it's good where we ARE"
Music is life for me.

Artemiy, the editorial staff of "" thanks you for the interview. We wish that the creative path chosen at such a young age led you to great success and recognition!

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