Tim Enso was born to an ordinary Russian-Jewish family in Moscow, Russia.
At a tender young age he would run out on stage every chance he got, still not knowing exactly what it is he was doing but following his heart anyway, which always led him to the one place he truly belonged.

At six years of age, Tim enthusiastically set out to master a variety of musical instruments. Having entered a music-centric school in a small Russian town, where he was living with his grandparents, he simultaneously learned to play the violin, piano, saxophone and accordion. While studying at the music school, Tim was invited to join the local prize-winner orchestra called ''"Harmonica"''. The orchestra had been performing in Greece, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Germany. Yet by the time he had finished his schooling, the saxophone became his absolute favorite. Its tone-rich sound with a barely noticeable hoarseness to it truly enchanted the young man, leading him on to further studies at a college dedicated to jazz and stage performance arts, focusing on the saxophone Tim decided to continue his education at Moscow State College of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

During his time in college, he was also involved in an organization of concerts and jazz festivals. Feeling an affinity for both musical and management skills, he then set his sights on the music business management faculty at Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. He tacked and overcame the entrance exams with honor, and so the worries of getting into university lay behind him, while the best years of life with friends and allies lay ahead.

One time Tim and a group of friends ended up at a performance by David Guetta and Tim accidentally had a chance to meet David in person. This became a turning point in the aspiring producer’s life. Still keeping up his studies along the same previously chosen course, Tim also expanded and began studying the art of the music production and djing.

His first successes at student held parties invigorated him and inspired him to greater heights. His in-depth knowledge of basic music theory also made itself known, facilitating a smooth rise to a whole new level: creating his own musical pieces.

In December 2012 Tim Enso has released his first track "Everyday Life" on UK major label Ministry of Sound and Housepital Records.
This track was supported by many famous DJs such as Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Swanky Tunes, Nicky Romero and Hardwell.
After the successful track release Tim was offered to do a tour that consisted of twenty-five cities including Moscow, Saint-Petersbur,Ufa, Voronezh, etc.

After the tour, Tim was involved into studio production at Roof Media Records with Andrey Cherniy where Tim was producing and arranging tracks for Dima Bilan, Yulianna Karaulova, Pavel Volya, Elka (singer) and Loc-Dog.
Tim Enso also used to be a DJ and tour manager of famous Russian rapperGeegun.

In 2016 Tim Enso joined the biggest Russian electronic dance music festival Alfa Future People as a talent manager.